Our Tasting Menu offers the opportunity to sample the full range of the Chef´s seasonal dishes.
Each course honours Portuguese ingredients with a special focus on the freshest, locally sourced fish, seafood, meat and vegetables.


A snack is served between each course listed on the menu below and our Sommelier can make recommendations for wine pairing with each course.
You can choose between the 4 course Tasting Menu (set menu including: snacks, Ferragudo Red Mullet, White Asparagus, Duck Breast and Citrus) or 6 dishes of your choice from the options below.

  • Atlantic Lobster

    Organic Egg Yolk and Imperial Caviar

  • Turbot

    Fennel, Crab and Oyster & Lemon Confit Nage

  • Ferragudo Red Mullet

    Cuttlefish and Fish Liver Sauce

  • White Asparagus

    Cumin and 24 month-aged S. Jorge Cheese

  • "Presa" Cut of Alentejo Black Pork

    Artichoke and Organic Carrot

  • Duck Breast

    Beetroot and Orange

  • Citrus from Lugar do Olhar Feliz

  • 70% S. Tomé Chocolate and Peanut Butter

  • 4 courses

    € 98,00
  • 6 courses

    € 135,00
  • 4 courses with wine pairing

    € 153,00
  • 6 courses with wine pairing

    € 210,00

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23% IVA included / We have a complaints book.

No dish, food or drink, including the couvert, may be charged if not requested or consumed by the guest.