The Menu
The Concept

The flavours you experience at Bon Bon are the Essence of the most amazing ingredients and Chef’s own dedication to extract only the best.

Local produce makes our cuisine rooted deep in the Algarve and Portugal, coupled with modern culinary techniques make the BON BON Restaurant’s a true artisan cuisinier concept.

Our Dishes
Blue Lobster / Saffron / Tangerine / Beetroot
Crab / Cauliflower / Imperial Caviar
Fish of the Day/ Dried Fish Dashi / Cuttlefish / Mussel / Algae
Alentejo Lamb / Leg of Lamb / Loin / Algarvian Carrot
Royal Pigeon / Foie Gras / Salsify / Portwine
Almond / Honey / Lavender / Muscatel
Our Kitchen

Our kitchen at Bon Bon is headed by Chef Louis Anjos, who, together with his team of culinary professionals are dedicated to creating your fine dining experience.

Our Chef Louis Anjos
Louis Anjos was born in Minde, Alcanena and started his culinary journey at the Fatima Hotel School, Portugal, where he graduated in the year 2000.
He began his professional career as a chef in several restaurants in the region of Leiria, Portugal, where he extended his knowledge of pastry by attending the course taught by the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Coimbra.
In 2008, Louis decided to change his career path and moved to the south of the country where he starting working in the resort Vila Vita Parc, as Head of Bakery. Looking for further inspiration, in September 2009, Louis transferred to Hotel Villa Batalha where he trained part of the start-up team.
He returned to the Algarve in June 2010, where he joined the team at Villa Lara Resort, and later, from April 2011 to August 2015, worked as Executive Chef at Suites Alba Resort, where he led the restaurant kitchen team.
In 2012 he was the proud winner of the 23rd edition of the Chef of the Year Competition, the most prestigious cooking contest in Portugal, having also been the winner of the Regional Stage South / Islands.
To deepen his cooking passion, he participated in internships at the prestigious Michelin star restaurant Viajante in London, and the three Michelin star restaurant Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian in northern Spain.
In 2016, Mon-Chic, under Louis Anjos supervision was one of the 2016th Edition, golden distinguished  of “Revolta do Bacalhau” for the category of Recipes and Press Choice.

Louis is in love with Portuguese cuisine and its roots. His creations are inspired by the traditional Portuguese recipes and he uses local produce from the regions where he works.

The Space

Due to the architecture of the building, Restaurant Bon Bon´s dining area is shaped in a hexagonal form with a fireplace in the centre. The space holds a maximum of 30 people during a normal dinner service and a maximum of 40 people for special events. The outdoor patio is perfect for dining on during the warmer summer evenings and the serene mountain view ensures a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for guests.